In addition to the DSLRs, here's some audio/video-specific equipment we own and use.


DJI Osmo

A handheld 4K camera and gimbal that offers acceptable sharpness and detail for B-roll footage. The Osmo has plenty of accessories available, and you can even mount DJI's new X5 Micro Four-Thirds gimbal/camera on the handle for even more creative freedon.

Røde VideoMic Pro

Røde has become a ubiquitous brand in the budget filmmaking space. We use the VideoMic Pro on-camera to capture clean scratch audio when using a field recorder and an external mic, or just for cleaner audio than the built-in microphones when doing run n' gun & documentary-style filming.

Røde NTG3 Shotgun Microphone

We use the Røde NTG3 for dialog and occasional reporting. Its pickup pattern affords excellent off-axis rejection for focused pickup. Accessories like a blimp and windscreen are available to reduce handling and wind noise.

Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

Small, lightweight and very portable, the Zoom H6 handles any audio recording duties with ease, and features enough inputs for nearly any job. The interchangeable microphones on top is a huge improvement over the H4, allowing you to use different microphone styles suited to the job. An optional shotgun mic is also available.

Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Standard

Even though sliders have been somewhat obsoleted for most videographers by the array of affordable gimbals these days, they can still have a place in a serious videographer's kit. The standard 3' slider is a bit large for travel, and can be a chore setting up on stands, but the extra length is amazing for time lapse.

Kessler Crane Parallax

The Parallax allows us to get awesome, dynamic parallax shots with the Pocket Dolly. Coupled with the ElektraDrive Motion Control System, we can create parallax-effect time-lapses with ease.