Parabolix Light-Focusing System Preview

Lusting after Briese and Broncolor Parabolics? We had the chance to check out and demo the game-changing affordable Parabolix focusable light shapers. Here are our first impressions.

While doing some research earlier this year on the Broncolor Para system, I stumbled on the Parabolix light shaping tools. The value proposition offered by an alternative solution at a low price point (relative to other options available) was undeniable. However, at the time, the Parabolix system only offered indirect, focusable deep octas. While the qualities of an indirect parabolic light shaping tool wouldn't change toomuch, the catchlights of a rounder modifier are more pleasing.

Fast forward to August 2016, and Parabolix has just released their new and updated 16-rod parabolic reflectors. By this time we've already taken delivery of the Broncolor Para, but a much more affordable alternative is now available for people who want the unmistakable quality of light that a parabolic reflector gives you. Plus, the lower price point of the Parabolix system allows us to supplement our kit with different sized modifiers while maintaining that high quality of light without breaking the bank.

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