Broncolor Announces the Scoro WiFi

Today, Broncolor has announced an update to their top-of-the-line Scoro packs, which include WiFi capabilities.

The Broncolor Scoro packs are widely known for a few things — being extremely good in all aspects of its performance and....being extremely expensive. Another one of those "dream kit" items that most photographers only dream about owning or using, but for the jobs or photographers that demand the best — this is certainly it.

I assume the inclusion of Wi-Fi means full control and compatibility with the BronControl app which works with their Siros monolights, but it remains to be seen if there will be a desktop app, similar to Profoto's Air USB and "Profoto Studio" software.

UPDATE: I do see that there is/was a "bronControl" beta app available for both Mac and Windows on their software page.

The inclusion of Wi-Fi on a power pack, while not ground-breaking, is definitely something that can help in lighting a large set with multiple packs, or for allowing quick and easy lighting adjustments from a single place either by the photographer or a lighting tech.

The Scoro WiFi is also equipped with an integrated RFS2 receiver. What I haven't seen is if the Scoro WiFi is compatible with the RFS 2.2 trigger to enable Hi-Sync (Broncolor's version of Hypersync or long-tail sync) — while it's unlikely, as the Scoro has been optimized for extremely fast flash durations — it would certainly be a welcome addition.

Broncolor has also updated the more "affordable" Scoro E packs with WiFi. the Scoro "E" models feature only 2 lamp outlets and some other neutered (i use that term loosely) specs that make it cheaper than the top-of-the-line "S" models.

It appears that these new WiFi models replace the older Scoro 1600 and 3200 models, as those products no longer appear on the broncolor website.

UPDATE: The official announcement states that "For a limited time, loyal owners of broncolor older Scoro 3200S/E and 1600S/E flash packs are eligible for upgrades to the new WiFi module or trade-in promotions. Please contact your broncolor authorized dealer for more information."

If you're interested in the technical specs or want more Broncolor goodness, check out the brochure. If you really wanna get geeky, check out the technical data sheet.