Here's how we transport and carry all of our precious equipment.

Think Tank Photo Production Manager 40

The big boy. The Production Manager 40 allows us to take nearly all the lighting we'd need for any shoot, along with some modifiers, light stands, and other accessories (depending on the configuration) -- all in one bag. While it can get heavy, the convenience of having everything on one bag is indispensable. Think Tank also now makes a Production Manager 50.


Pelican 1510 Travel Case

The perfect size for a carry-on, the Pelican 1510 is well-suited to traveling with your gear. The hard case is water-tight and extremely durable. It can serve as an applebox or a small step-stool in a pinch. We like the set with dividers, so we can neatly carry all of our cameras, lenses and other accessories safely in the hard-shell roller case. They also offer pick-n-pluck foam and custom laser-cut foam inserts for maximum protection -- though you do lose a bit of storage space.


Pelican Storm iM2950 Travel Case

The Storm iM2950 is a larger case with the same durability as our camera roller cases. We use this to transport our 4 PCB Einsteins and VML packs along with our Pocketwizards, Light Meters, and other accessories. The pick-n-pluck foam is perfect for customizing your carrying requirements for lighting gear.


Peak Design Everyday Messenger (15")

Peak Design products are just plain sexy. Not only stunning in their aesthetic, their design and layout is exceptional. The Everyday Messenger is perfect as a day bag with a lighter mirrorless load, with plenty of pockets and easy accessibility to the main compartment though a zippered top. It even has a pass-through on the flap for carrying a travel tripod or monopod. We wouldn't recommend it for DSLRs or excessive walking, as the single strap can take its toll on your shoulder. For smaller laptops or if you don't need a 15" bag, they now offer a 13" version.


Think Tank Photo StreetWalker Pro

We're big fans of Think Tank Photo. Their products are durable, feature quality construction, and their design is well thought-out. The StreetWalker is a good choice for an everyday carry with more than enough room for a large DSLR and a couple lenses (even gripped or pro bodies will fit with a 70-200 mounted).


Think Tank Photo Restrospective 5

A small bag for when you're feeling minimalist. The retrospective 5 can easily hold an ungripped DSLR and a spare lens, or a small mirrorless kit with a few primes. It features an outer pocket on the inside of the flap for extra storage, up to the size of an iPad Mini. Think Tank's "Sound Silencer" flaps can cover the velcro bits for discrete operation during events or weddings.


TrekPak Foam Inserts

I love these things. They're much more rigid than the padded inserts available for Pelican or other hard cases, and keeps your case looking pretty and organized. Additionally, due to the infinite customization of your gear layout, you'll be able to fit more in your case.