Who Are The Broketographers?

Bryan and Ezra are two broke guys in Southern California with some nice photo toys. We strive to bring independent and honest reviews and photographic content about (mostly) high-end equipment for which there is limited information. A lot of these nice things are just luxuries, but sometimes there's a product that’s worth saving your pennies for.

We own, rent, or have purchased all the equipment we use and review (with our own money!) unless stated otherwise. All reviews and opinions stated on our blog or other social media channels are entirely independent.


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Photo by TIMEZAC.

Photo by TIMEZAC.

Bryan - Founder/Photographer/Editor-In-Chief/Whatever

I won't bore you with details about how I got started in photography. It's all the same, and it doesn't really matter, anyway. :p

My motivation for producing the content in the blog was based on the fact that I have owned and purchased, rented, or otherwise used a lot of high-end professional gear. The problem was, that during my research on this high-end (and usually very expensive) gear, I found next to no reviews or independent information on them!

So, I started The Broketographers as a personal project that eventually became relevant enough to continue on with. My goal is to deliver unbiased, unfiltered, independent information on gear that I own or have used, mostly in the high-end market to aid others that may have been in my situation, only to come up short on information.

Ezra - Founder/Photographer

My name is Ezra — a weird name for a boy growing up in the Philippines, where names ending in "A" are for the most part associated with females, and I am an inquisitive person. This predisposition to "figuring out stuff" in photography has been quite an interesting and at times expensive adventure when not a lot of quality information is available.

I'm not a reader of manuals and find it easier learning with my hands, which is in and of itself another problem as I am all thumbs and most likely (and this is not an admission of any kind) "dropped" gear. The Broketographers is an honest attempt as sharing what I have learned and understand about photography and its oh-so-many toys.